About the Trinity Sign

The “Trinity” 3 finger hand gesture is the first unmistakable Christian communication tool that can instantly connect believers when spoken Christian fellowship is impossible to achieve.

There are almost 2 Billion Christians on the planet. We think it’s WAY past time Christians had at least ONE simple and clearly-defined hand gesture to make this fellowship happen! Three Throw a REAL “Peace” sign!
“For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.” – Jesus Christ, Matthew 18:20

“Church” is where two or more Christians are gathered together, in any place, if only for a few seconds, to worship God.

The cross, fish, and dove often seen on cars and other vehicles are great expressions of Christian faith. The Trinity hand sign adds the invitation for Christians to connect and fellowship with each other and, quite literally, have: “Church in Traffic”!

As well as traffic, the Trinity hand gesture can be used in many other places where spoken fellowship simply can’t exist. Some examples are loud and crowded sporting events, concerts, schools, churches, rallies, and photographs.
Use the Trinity sign anywhere “The Word” can’t be heard!

Three Throw a Real “Peace” sign, The “TRINITY” Sign!